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Annette Schaffer Release Manager Solution Architect, Business Analyst, Coach, online marketing Experte

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Dorfstr.16 • CH-5272 Gansingen, Switzerland
+41 78 746 07 70 • aschaffer@bluewin.ch


Performance and results-driven Information Technology generalist with extensive experience in developing and implementing key IT business solutions within financial services and electronics environments. Identifies customer IT business needs and develops solutions to meet them. Designs computer systems, networks and applications in alignment with organizational requirements. Leads key technical projects for the development and implementation of solutions to improve IT functionality. Exhibits expertise in writing detailed specifications and documented solution coding. Manages high functioning teams in the delivery of outstanding IT project results. Native speaker in German. Fluent in English and French. Basic knowledge of Spanish.


Leadership • Business Engineering / Analysis • Solution Architect • Technical Project Management
Architecture / Infrastructure • Specifications / Documented Coding Writing • Needs Assessment / Analysis Solution Development • Refactoring • Reverse Engineering • Budget Control • Programming • CRM • Release Management


PC/Server • WIN Server • WinXP to Win10 MS Server  • IBM Mainframe z/OS

Software Packages
Eclipse • Emacs • MS Studio • ChangeMan • Workbench (PL1, CS Environment)
IBM Websphere • Clearcase

Oracle Developer Tools • SQL Server • Infomix • DB2 / FileAid

Solution Architecture
Rational RSM • Enterprise Architekt

Requirement Engineering
Clearquest • RSM/Requisite Pro

Mercury Quality Center • Mercury Quick Test, HPQC

SoVinci • CAS GenesisWorld

Content Management
eLearning Perception • Typo3 • Xerox DocuShare

Sungard IntelliMatch • Intelli Tracs • MS World

Programming Languages
C/C++/C# • VB(A) • VB# • Pascal • Delphi • COBOL • PL/1 • Unix Scripts
PHP • XML • HTML • Java • JavaScript, HTML/CSS, Ruby


ISC-EJPD, Bern, since Octobre 2017
Release manager at level programme
estabishing release management on programme level for service V-FMÜ:
- set up and establish processes and planning tools for service and projects dealing with V-FMÜ
- set up and do release management for all components of V-FMÜ

T-Systems, Zollikofen, Schweiz • Dezember 2013 to September 2017
Release and  Environments Manager

Public transportation in switzerland, SBB, RCS Project (rail control system), coordinating releases RCS / environment systems, providing development / sytem / acceptance test environments, ensuring correct handling of 3 near realtime productive environments, one productive, 2 failover systems.

Senior Solution Architect Infrastructure, March 2016 - October 2016

Migrate IT Infrastructure to Datacenters at Thyssen Krupp, Essen, Server and Applications of BA Corporate, design and realisattion support.

Senior Software Architect for Travel Logistics, Public Transportation, Business Analyst Medical Car, 2015

Standardize IT Infrastructure at Inselspital Bern, Server and applications of 2 emergency hospitals and radio oncology department. Role: Business Analyst / technical Project Leader.
sucessfully migrated Radiooncology's IT infrastructure (Servers, applications, network) to a central IT department

SBB, new centralized pricing system: Lead Architect development at St. Petersburg, Russia
SJ, swedish railways, analyze IT landscape as basis for an RfP
Big Data Expert at T-Systems

CREDIT SUISSE, Luzern, Zürich, Schweiz • 2004-bis  November 2013
Senior Solution Architect / Lead Requirements Engineer  für Wertschrifteninfrastruktur– Luzern (2011- 2013)
Designs computer systems, networks, applications and user interfaces for the Swiss banking platform’s central systems in Private Banking. Transforms business requests into IT features and requirements. Conducts requirements identification and analysis, providing direction to Software Engineers and Testing personnel in the development and delivery of solutions to meet them.


ANNETTE SCHAFFER • Page 2 •aschaffer@bluewin.ch

CREDIT SUISSE (continued)

Major Achievements:
• Positioned Credit Suisse as one of the 1st banks capable of meeting the taxation requirements of multiple European countries through the development of an infrastructure application for the bank’s equities sector.
• Centralized the development of FX positions and FX rate retrieval for the currency triangle and new tax currency.
• Received a Triple A for analyzing and enhancing a department’s “Briefzentrale”, a customer relationship forms printing application.

Senior Solution Architect / IT Owner - Zürich (2008-2010)
Addressed and developed solutions for applications across multiple business areas, including product catalogue (PROK), account conditions template systems (KKV), usage and default list generation (KHB0) and lower credit limits automatic processing (AUAL), as well as client safe (CLSAP) and night safe (NISAP).

Major Achievements:
• Stabilized all applications by decreasing tick count issues.
• Overcame KKV’s not being ready for production through the development of a business pain points list, prioritizing it, and acquiring the budget for the largest issues.

Senior Software Engineer / Solution Architect Money Markets – Zürich (2006-2008)
Held accountability for the GM (money market) application, as well as DE (foreign exchange handling application). Performed software development activities, wrote detailed specifications and coded the solution on the Credit Suisse customized mainframe while collaborating with Testing and Business Engineering.

Major Achievements:
• Facilitated the bank’s ability to perform off shore management.

Senior Project Manager / Line Manager - Zürich (2004-2006)
Owned responsibility for proposals and tracking associated with the development of a reconciliation and private banking competence centre. Served as Project and Line Manager for a project to adapt and integrate Sungard IntelliMatch and IntelliTracs, a 3rd party software, into the Credit Suisse system. Collaborated with Sungard and managed 2 developers, as well as a Lead Engineer. Managed a 1.5M CHF budget. Conducted architecture consulting on technologies for inclusion in Credit Suisse standards.

Major Achievements:
• Established a strategy for centralizing all reconciliation teams across Credit Suisse that was implemented at project delivery.
• Made major changes to the integrated software and secured extra dispenses to enable its implementation in the Swiss banking platform.
• Developed a globalization strategy for all participating networks.
• Utilized C++ and Small Talk modules for IBM PC’s Intelli software server solutions.


Freelance Solution Architect / Call Centre Specialist
• Managed projects, provided consultative services and prepared feasibility studies, as well as performed software and project execution evaluations.
• Produced “Making Knowledge Available More Quickly”, a feasibility study for the development of InfoGate, an information portal.
• Assessed IT infrastructure, created technical and functional specifications, as well as templates to describe processes, and defined a comprehensive storage structure.

ALLIANZ BERATUNGS TEAM (ABT) - Metallrente, Stuttgart, Germany
Freelance Project Manager (ADPC)
Consultant (ABT)
• Established the pension organizations’ call centres on time and within budget.

ANNETTE SCHAFFER • Page 3 •aschaffer@bluewin.ch

ADPC / ABT (continued)

• Prepared an offer to design and program a print module for serial letters and a control programme for delivering offers.
• Independently designed and realized an ACD routing and reporting system.
• Migrated ADPC’s SoVinci CRM system to GenesisWorld.

Freelance Developer / Sub-project Manager
• Delivered an online portal for the DIT Internet fund.
• Held accountability for sub-project order processors and messaging.
• Replaced Brokat Twister (RDO) and the previous front end with IBM WebSphere and I*Net, a customer-specific extension of the J2EE platform.

ALLIANZ LEBENSVERSICHERUNGS AG (Allianz Asset Management), München, Germany
Freelance Project Manager / Developer
• Extended the call centre software SoVinci in alignment with Allianz Asset Management requirements.
• Developed and maintained the telephone system’s routing programme.
• Coached internal IT employees.
• Designed order tracking, coordinating and invoicing maintenance tools in concert with Allianz specifications.

CSO, Ottobrunn, Germany
Freelance Project Manager / Software Engineer
• Led a project and performed programming for the migration off a customer’s multiple pension calculation programmes from COBOL to C++.

DEUTSCHE BANK, Eschborn, Germany
Freelance Software Engineer
• Supported the global launch of the electronic banking software dbCustody to 120 addresses, and further development of ebGateway, a securities gateway.
• Coordinated and implemented the projects, as well as performed Release Management and customer rollouts.
• Designed a project management tool in VB.

SIEMENS AG, Munich, Germany
Teacher – Audio-Visual Media
• Performed planning, consulting and development activities for computer-based training (CBT) audio-visual media projects.
• Designed and developed core modules and frameworks for the creation of CBT content for internal and external partners.
• Delivered ~10 new, unique CBTs annually in collaboration with ~5 external partners and specialty area trainers.

Teacher – Radio Relay and Multiplex Facilities
• Planned and developed meshed directional radio system troubleshooting monitoring concepts for the English and German military.

Career Note: Additional experience as an Electronics Engineer for Siemens AG performing radar facility repairs and as an HF Engineer for Quarzkeramik, developing highly stable, customer-specific oscillators. Details upon request.


Certified Communications Engineer
BfW, Kirchseeon, Germany


Lervel 2 Certificate in Business English, Zürich, Switzerland

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