Adwords (+Youtube-Ads) OR Ads on LinkedIn + Facebook

  • eAssistentin UG
  • 1000 € - 2000 €
  • Deutschland
1000 € - 2000 €


We are looking for a professional for our company as well as for our customers. The following 2 tasks should be performed:


  1. Setup and optimization of the Ad-words campaigns (Google Ads) + YouTube Ads (banners + advertising videos)


  1. Setup and optimization of advertising on LinkedIn + Facebook (banner, ...?).


I: Languages: English or German. If not possible, please name us the languages you know.

II: Time for at least 10 h/week. Max. 40 h/week if possible.

III. Experience with advertising measures on Linkedin + Facebook.


IV: Experience with advertising measures on Youtube, Instagram, ...

(III. + IV: can be fulfilled by one person or splinted for 2 persons. -> Can you do III. Or/and IV.?)


Work with varied tasks. Work from home (saving time and costs for the trip to the workplace and back). Practice at a German company with German customers.


a) Please send your CV as PDF to -> job (at)

b) Please specify your Skype name, address and telephone number in your application.

c) Please send references (incl. links to projects).

d) Please inform us about your desired wages (per hour in euro).

e) Please specify your further IT skills if available (e.g. WordPress,Adwords, ...).

EAssistentin was founded in 2010. ->

We have many customers from Germany, Austria and Switzerland among others.

Please do not call us!

Please check your spam folder every day to see if our email is there.