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Requirements Affiliate Gift Shop MVP

The purpose of the webshop would be a gift shop of Amazon affiliate products - similar to canopy.co. In addition, there will be more filter functionalities and an initial questionnaire to help the user to set the right filter settings to find a matching gift. All products will be amazon products, no other sources or own products are planned for now. Thus, a large part of the shop functionality (e.g. payment) is not needed. The website should be build as a very lean MVP to understand the user acceptance further. Therefore, if there are any shortcuts which can be made (e.g. using existing themes), they should be taken. Functionalities and performance can be continually build afterwards.

Looking forward to your answer! If you want to discuss this further, please give me a shout!

Landing page

  • Text and picture content (if the theme is set, I can edit the content directly in there if this makes it easier)
  • Link to aquestionnaire to define the filter settings and lead to the search results - Link directly to the search result Search pages
  • Search detail page (like or canopy.co) displaying the relevant products with filter functionalities (e.g. at the top)
  • Filters would be preset by the questionnaire - Click on the product will lead to the detail page Detail page - Detail page (either as individual website or pop up
  • Purchase link to amazon (using affiliate links)
  • Content from Amazon API: Pictures, Product title, price Content management functionality
  • Add specific products from amazon manually using a amazon partner link
  • Product details should be derived from Amazon (Title, pictures, Price)
  • Individual attributes need to be added manually to the product (e.g. sport, birthday, wood etc.). The products shall be searchable by these attributes as filter settings CMS
  • Objective should be to add new affiliate product in 30 seconds. Please recommend the suitable approach. Design
  • I am open to recommendations how to set this up in detail Design - Please propose different themes with adequate UX/UI
  • Design should work on Computers and with responsive design on mobile phones Other
  • Imprint page (plain text, I will take care of the content)
  • Data privacy page (plain text, I will take care of the content)
  • Basic SEO functionalities (I assume this is covered by WooCommerce / Wordpress functionalities), I will take care of maintaining the content
  • Basic tracking links (e.g. using Google Tag manager)


  • Blog functionality
  • Algorithms to verify if content (e.g. price) has changed or if product is out of stock
  • All other refinements / enhancements